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Sailing holiday

Our way of travelling is based on either a relaxed cruise or sporty sailing, spending the night at anchor in beautiful bays or stopping off and resting up at little harbours, and enjoying the occasional shore excursion to discover and experience the place and its people. The leisurely pace and proximity to nature that comes with sailing, as well as the individual class of the ship involved, make a sailing holiday on board a Baltic 51 equally appealing to sailing newbies, intermediates and experienced sailors alike. You can enjoy the fantastic nature away from the beaten tourist track and relax on deck after an active day at sea. And we believe that “good food equals a good mood” – which is why you can cook together on board your own yacht using the stock of fresh and delicious ingredients on board or try the local specialities at restaurants along the way. Every day is unique!

As fellow sailors, you will receive qualified, first-class instruction from the skipper, who introduces sailing newbies to the foundations of this sport with his usual charm, style and calm manner, while serving as an advisor and coach to experienced sailors when he lets you take the con of the yacht. For those keen to learn more, he will provide insights into (astro-)navigation, using a sextant and weather systems while answering all your nautical questions. At the end of the sailing cruise, you will also receive confirmation of your nautical miles on request, which you can put towards your sailing certificate.

Atlantic cruise | Offshore cruise 

An Atlantic cruise is a sailing holiday in a class of its own. When talking of an Atlantic cruise or offshore cruise, we’re thinking of long voyages during which you spend several days at sea as the crew. Examples include the cruise from the Azores to Galicia, or from Galicia to Madeira and onwards to the Canaries. Eating, sleeping, waking and simply “being” – life on board will provide you with its very own rhythm, to which you’ll adjust within a few days. If you find the idea of an offshore cruise appealing, then it’s good and important to have some initial sailing experience, as longer voyages can sometimes involve difficult weather conditions at sea that would prove very challenging to you as an absolute beginner and quickly push you to your limits. A strong team spirit, as well as showing care and respect when interacting with the other people on board, help make for a successful sailing cruise – and are essential when it comes to offshore cruising.

« Baltic‘s gift to the world of sailing. The Baltic 51 »

Our beautiful ship – the Baltic 51

Credits: Original Sales Flyer, Baltic Yachts Finland

Anyone who wants to experience the true definition of “maritime” will do so as soon as they set foot aboard our ship. The Baltic 51 is the ideal ship for safe sailing tours as well as offshore racing. This type of boat was produced from 1979 to 1988 for a small circle of discerning owners who demanded absolute perfection from their ship: top performance, exceptional quality and maximum comfort. Finnish ship-building quality and the famous C&C design resulted in a yacht that set new benchmarks at that time – and continues to do so today. As one of the twenty-four Baltic 51 boats that were ever built, Ballerina is an absolute classic yacht and, to us, represents the most elegant combination of man, nature and technology. The design and aesthetic of this racing yacht convey elegance and exclusivity. Aerodynamics and hydrodynamics come together perfectly. The functional deck layout speaks for itself. And the interior, predominantly built of teak, conveys a natural, high-quality and maritime comfort. Ships don’t get any better than this.

The cruise of a lifetime

  • Sail a Baltic 51 and be coached in conning a unique ocean-going yacht
  • Learn to sail with a professional skipper and qualified sailing instructor
  • Accommodation on board a comfortable cruising yacht that offers outstanding quality and the potential for regatta competition
  • Qualified, first-class instruction and individual support from a skipper with heart

« Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer »

Cruise price

What does the cruise price include?

  • A professional and experienced skipper
  • Accommodation on board the ship
  • Use of the skippered yacht for the duration of the cruise
  • Provision of bedding and bed linen
  • Final cleaning of the yacht during normal use
  • Insurance cover (skipper liability insurance, etc.)
  • Aperitif on the evening of your arrival

Extras for the cruise

  • Onboard cash box (food, port fees, diesel, gas, etc.)

For your trip:

  • Arrival and departure
  • Pocket money
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