On our sailing cruises, you can expect the perfect blend of sailing sport and savoir-vivre

« all you need is a good dose of vitamin sea »

Escape everyday life and enter a state of flow. Nowhere else can this be achieved as quickly as on a sailing ship. Sailing is pure joie de vivre and every sailing cruise something truly special, no matter whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a nautical newbie. On board the sailing yacht “Ballerina”, a Baltic 51, you will experience the unique combination of nature and travel, adventure and relaxation, sporting challenges, teamwork and technology

No mass tourism, no average sailing ship, and no tinned ravioli – but also no overpriced luxury holiday. You will sail on an elegant, classically designed performance yacht with unique charm, lines to quicken the pulse of every true sailing aficionado, and the kind of performance at sea that none of today’s mass-produced vessels can match. This ship combines beauty, speed and safety like virtually no other craft, and is suitable for every level of ability.

  • You are experienced sailors: Instead of just standing on the quay and admiring the ship, you can come aboard and help sail her!
  • You are enthusiastic beginners: Instead of just standing on the quay and dreaming, you can come aboard and be amazed!

You are more than welcome, whether alone, with friends, as a couple or as a group of up to five people, whether a single berth or the entire ship exclusively given over to you – it would give us great pleasure to have you on board for a sailing excursion.

This is your perfect dose of vitamin sea:

  • Sun, sea, waves and the salt on your skin
  • The comfort, quality and performance of an authentic ocean-going yacht
  • Cruising around the most beautiful volcanic islands in the Atlantic
  • Accompanied by an experienced skipper
  • With the relaxed, casual atmosphere that comes with a small crew
  • Relax and unwind, the journey is the reward